Telekurs 2.60
CCH Telekurs 2.60 - provides compatibility with CCH SecTAX 2022.1 and CCH Trust Accounts 2022.1

Before installing the new software, you must ensure that you have read the :

Before installing the new software:

  • Close all applications on your computer.
  • You should also make a backup copy of your database before starting, or confirm that you have a backup to which you can revert in the unlikely event it is necessary.
  • Ensure that your PC(s) meets the minimum hardware and software specifications. Full details can be found in the System Requirements Specification.

If you have any problems implementing this upgrade, please create a support case with our Software Support. team

Tip: Want to be kept informed about future releases of this application? Make sure you've joined the CCH Trust Accounts and/or the CCH SecTAX Groups on our Customer Community to receive POSTs for Telekurs updates.

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