Strategic Planning v7.20
Strategic Planning v7.20 2009 is an upgrade for both MYOB PerformanceOptimiser and Strategic Planning 2006.This version combines the features of both of the earlier products and the name PerformanceOptimiser has been dropped.

This release includes the following:

  • Import from Accounts Production (VAP) -
    This feature was previously in MYOB PerformanceOptimiser but not the old Strategic Planning.
  • Benchmarking Data - This feature was previously in the old Strategic Planning but not MYOB PerformanceOptimiser.
  • Benchmarking data is also available for Strategic Planning. It is distributed by email annually. This data is analysed from around 1 million sets of accounts filed with Companies House and summarised into 16 performance measures for 500 business sectors. The data allows the accountant to compare his client against the average for the industry. As most of the accounts used to construct the performance measures have a turnover of under £1m, the comparison is effectively against other small companies.

Before installing the new software, you must ensure that you have read the :

Before installing the new software:

  • Close all applications on your computer.
  • You should also make a backup copy of your database before starting, or confirm that you have a backup to which you can revert in the unlikely event it is necessary.
  • Ensure that your PC(s) meets the minimum hardware and software specifications. Full details can be found in the System Requirements Specification.
Notes & Warnings

To install this release:
1. Ensure :

  • All users have exited PerformanceOptimiser/Strategic Planning.
  • You have a full, current, valid backup of your data and programs.
  • You know the location of your PerformanceOptimiser/Strategic Planning programs and data folders.

2. Download this release to a temporary location, e.g. the desktop.
3. Unzip the downloaded file to a second temporary location, e.g. C:SP2009. This unzips the installation files.
4. Use Windows Explorer to browse to the installation and double-click Setup.exe
5. Follow the remaining instructions in the Installation Guide, beginning at step 3 for an upgrade or step 6 for a clean install.

If you have any problems implementing this upgrade, please create a support case with our Software Support. team

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