CCH iXBRL Review & Tag 2020.3


For the Non CCH Central version of CCH iXBRL Review & Tag, use the standalone installer provided by the Download option (below) on this page. This will need to be run on each computer on which CCH iXBRL Review & Tag is installed.

Before installing the new software, we recommend that you read the :

Before installing the new software:

  • Ensure that all users have exited CCH iXBRL Review & Tag.
  • Ensure that you have a full, current, valid backup of your programs and data.
  • Ensure that your PC(s) meets the minimum hardware and software specifications. Full details can be found in the System Requirements Specification.

If you have any problems implementing this upgrade, please create a support case with our Software Support. team

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For a list of CCH iXBRL Review & Tag - Known Issuesclick here.

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