CCH Corporation Tax IE 2015-3 Setup


This 2015.3 release launched our go forward Irish Corporation Tax system which replaced the legacy CCH Compad software application for CT1 Corporation Tax returns for Accounting Periods ending in 2015.

The new software system closely follows the format of our CCH Personal Tax IE product; it has been designed using up-to-date software components and architecture, with a compliance interface that is more closely aligned with ROS and a greater focus on meeting tax management requirements within your practice.

CT1 Tax Return data input is designed to emulate the ROS system, breaking the tax return down into the same sections and sub-sections that you will be familiar with as in ROS. Unlike ROS however, the tax information that you input for your client companies is stored within the application's SQL database, which facilitates a comprehensive data mining function.

You can access a full User Guide from the links below.

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Before installing the new software, you must ensure that:

Installation: As this is a completely new system you will need to pay particular attention to its installation. We recommend that you seek the help of one of our installation services as highlighted in the Release Notes. Alternatively, you can install the system using our Installation Guides which you can download from the links below. If you intend running CCH Corporation Tax IE on more than one workstation, you must make sure that you install the application on ALL workstations before allowing users access the system. Failure to do this could corrupt client data.

Before proceeding with this install ensure that your PC(s) meets the minimum hardware and software specifications. Full details can be found in the System Requirements Specification documents on our Software support website Knowledgebase.

Data import: Following installation there is a routine to import the Company Names and Client Codes from the legacy CCH Compad product. This will require that you are running the latest CCH Compad version, 2014.3, and that all users are logged out of CCH Compad. Please refer to the CCH Compad Data Conversion Guide available by clicking the link below.

You should also make a backup copy of your CCH Compad database before starting, or confirm that you have a backup to which you can revert in the unlikely event it is necessary.

For existing CCH Compad users, we will provide an open ended licence to enable you to maintain and view Corporation Tax data for previous periods.

If you have any problems implementing this software upgrade, please create a case with our CCH Software Support team.


We highly recommend that you download and read the following documents before installing this software:

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