CCH Audit Automation: Mercia Master Packs

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Audit Procedures Manual

Audit Procedures Manual

Click on the title of the releases below to download the respective Sections A-D. These are provided prior to the master pack release to take advantage of the guidance, example letters, reports and accounts.

e.g Click on SAM – Academies to download a zip archive containing the manual. The zip file is encrypted using the same password that was used for the latest release of the associated master pack.

MERCIA Sections A-D
MERCIA Releases Released Impacts on Master Pack Audit Pack Expected Released
Audit Company Aug 2021 Yes IMER17   May 2019
Audit Group Aug 2021 Yes IMERG17   May 2019
Audit Exemption Aug 2021 No MERAEX16   May 2019
SAM – LLP Aug 2021 Yes MERLLP09   May 2019
SAM – Charities Aug 2021 Yes MERCHA15   May 2019
SAM – Academies Aug 2021 Yes MERACD09   Aug 2020
SAM – Pensions Aug 2021 Yes MERPEN09   Nov 2019
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IMPORTANT NOTE: It is highly recommended that a copy of the latest master pack is taken and that this update is applied to the new master pack, this will allow the use of the FRS 102 chart of accounts with the new master pack and the existing pack can still be used for audits using the UKGAAP chart of accounts.
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